History of The Premier Group

Douglas Ellerman, a former US Marine and Army soldier just home from serving overseas, envisioned building a company based on principles, and not just profits and revenues. He wanted a construction company that held honesty, ethics and environmental conservation to the highest standard, and would provide above average customer service by communicating openly and frequently with customers.  Doug truly believed that by showing his customers the respect the military taught him to show others, he would be able to build a successful business.  In December 2005, Doug and his business partner brought that vision to life in RCAC Construction, Inc.

Over the next six years, RCAC managed to take on a wide variety of projects ranging from small remodels to building entire assisted living facilities. This small family oriented business managed to complete over 35 million dollars worth of construction projects in those first few years, all while maintaining their focus of exceptional service with the highest integrity.  In 2007, the team at RCAC decided they wanted to expand the business into new areas and the company was renamed Premier Construction Group, Inc. to reflect the expansion of service they intended to provide.

Shortly after this decision, the economy crashed, the housing market crisis hit and construction slowed immensely. Some would view this as catastrophic but Premier Construction saw it as an opportunity to grow and learn.  Out of necessity, with a positive mindset and a stubbornness to not give up, Premier Properties was born.  They began acquiring properties and became the fastest growing supplier of quality rental homes in the Fox Valley, becoming the “company of choice” for several local employers with professionals needing to relocate to the area.  Focusing on clean, well-kept homes in quiet, family oriented neighborhoods, they provided homes they were proud of.  Doug himself had said, “I wouldn’t rent out a home if I wouldn’t live in it myself.”  In addition to the quality of the homes they offered, their principles in quality of service also remain.   In an industry plagued with poor service, Premier pledged to outshine and outperform, every day, operating with integrity and being as friendly and helpful as possible to ease the stress of relocating.

In 2012, after receiving continued requests from clients, Premier decided to once again fill a need in the Fox Valley with affordable storage. Premier Storage was developed in their secured warehouse, to store cars, boats, campers, and motorcycles.  Currently there is heated indoor storage, cold indoor storage and outdoor storage available, with the service you would expect from Premier.

Today, this diverse company is known as The Premier Group. They continue to focus on running the businesses with their hearts.  Their vision has remained intact, based on the principles it was founded on.  They encourage you to watch for future services from them that will benefit you and your family, the surrounding communities and the environment.

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