Premier Storage

Indoor Heated Storage
Don’t let your cars sit in an unheated space where they can be damaged as much as being left out in the elements.  Cold concrete in an unheated space can cause condensation and rust to accelerate on metal parts. Our indoor heated storage contains 20 stalls ranging from 10’X20′ to 10’X24′.  The space is heated through the winter and contains a full sprinkler system for your prize possessions safety.  We can provide battery maintenance if requested so your battery always stays fresh and does not freeze or loose life, as is common through the winter months. $80 per month.

Indoor Cold Storage

Our indoor cold storage contains 20 stalls ranging in size from 9’X20′ to 10’X22′ and larger.  The area has a monitored security system.  $60 per month.

Outdoor Cold Storage
Our outdoor cold storage area is fenced in and has a monitored security system. We can accommodate any size vehicle in this area for $30 per month.

Motorcycle Storage
Your motorcycle can also be stored with us!  Only $150 for the season!

Call us at 920-882-6140 to reserve a spot!

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